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Totally Sharon Stone – Gallery open to the public

Posted by Nicky in Feb 18,2014 with No Comments

Hello there!

I was thinking on it for awhile and finally, I have made ​​the decision to open the gallery to the public, so, it means, everyone can look at the pics without join. I really love to work on the site so, I though on make this easier to the people who visit this. What do you think??? Do you like the idea?? Now, you can go to the gallery to enjoy over 30000 photos of Sharon Stone, and more are coming!!!

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Totally Sharon Stone – Celebrating 7 years online!

Posted by Nicky in Jan 27,2014 with 2 Comments

Sharon Stone

I am very excited to announce that yesterday the site was celebrating the 7 year anniversary of Totally Sharon Stone. 7 years ago, I opened the site without even expecting all the support I’ve gotten from the fans. So huge thank you to everyone, it really makes me happy knowing that you’re all so amazing and we will be supporting Sharon and I am going to continue to update everyone on the latest news in the future!

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Happy New Year!

Posted by Nicky in Jan 02,2014 with 1 Comment

Hello there!!! I would like to wish you everyone a very Happy New Year. The past year was not a great one to me so, I wanted to thank you all for your support, your friendship, your patient, your comments, your visits….Thanks for all. I am planning to do some big things with this site so, please, keep supporting this. And you know, any suggestions will be appreciated. A big hug.

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Some news!

Posted by Nicky in Sep 07,2013 with No Comments

Hello there! First of all, I am so sorry for this big hiatus. Life is not going good right now so, I have not enough time to be online and update the site. Anyway, I am going to try to add a lot of new photos to the gallery and try to update the site again. So sorry for the problems.

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Totally Sharon Stone: Celebrating 6 years online

Posted by Nicky in Jan 26,2013 with 1 Comment

Totally Sharon Stone hit the six years online, can you believe it? On this day in 2007 I opened my doors to the Sharon Stone fan community, updating the site with everything from news to photos. Since then my love and support to Sharon has shown just as bright, not wavering for a second. All of us here consider each and everyone of you like family and I hope that you have enjoyed your visit each and every time. I simply cannot find the words to express how much gratitude I have towards you all for visiting and showing your support.

Although I got some personal problems and things are not always good, I really love to work on this site and I am going to keep updating for you. You know, more new and old stuff are coming!

Everything you see here wouldn’t have been possible without you (the visitors/fans), our host The Fansites Network and Sharon. Thank you for continuing to stop by and for support this site.

Sharon Stone

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Help with Sharon Stone photoshoots!

Posted by Nicky in Oct 30,2012 with No Comments

Hello there!!! I am going to add tons of Sharon Stone photoshoots to the gallery but, I would like to do that year by year. The problem is, I have some unknown shoots uploaded at the gallery and I would like to know the year of those ones. So, please, go to the gallery to take a look and let me know if you find the year of those shoots. Thanks.

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Totally Sharon Stone has new layouts!

Posted by Nicky in Oct 24,2012 with 2 Comments

Hello everyone!!! I am so happy because today we get a new main site layout and a new gallery layout at Totally Sharon Stone. First of all, thanks to my friend, Tathy, who made this possible. I was thinking on a different style and I wanted to use this new and amazing photoshoot of Sharon Stone, what do you think??? Now we have a layout with just 1 sidebar but I think it is great to have a big colum to the updates. Let me know your suggestions and comments. Also, the gallery has a different look, I love this one!

Well, I am going to add more new stuff soon and I would like to have some new sections here, any idea??? It will more more than appreciated because I would like to know what do you want to see at the site. And, if you want to donate some money to get new stuff, go here. Every little bit helps. Read the rest of this entry »

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